Love and Admiration is the overarching title that I have given the larger body of work from my time with The Tragically Hip.

I don’t know exactly how it all happened.

A chance meeting opened a doorway to a job that turned to into friendship that turned into a love and admiration and it all just sort of happened over time.

There is a lot of work that has been made since 2005. I had to start somewhere. To start by starting.... and so I started ..

To go through my archive, to write, to edit and to curate to maybe ease some pain and look for some answers.

This is an abridged part of the story and is a curated selection of thirty or so images of Gord Downie going back to 2005. It is a place for me to start and an entryway into a larger body of work that is ongoing.

An Abridged Exploration of Love & Admiration.
Part 1. Gord.

A Photography Exhibition by David Bastedo
May | June
LeslieJones | Toronto | Map

The beginning of the end... Opens May 05, 2018.

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